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Wywiad z Izabelą Reich

Lipiec 2019

Zapraszamy do przeczytania wywiadu, jakiego udzieliła dla czasopisma „Nowoczesne Budownictwo Inżynieryjne“ Izabela Reich.


Wydanie lipiec-sierpień 2019

October 28, 2021

GRP as an alternative to wood and aluminum


The great demand on the world market for building materials such as wood and aluminum have led to an equally scarce as well as expensive supply not only in this segment.

We would like to point out all the more clearly that the composite material GRP has been replacing these building materials more and more for some time due to its outstanding properties.

GRP is not only anti-corrosive, electrically non-conductive, UV-resistant and easy to process, but also waterproof, anti-magnetic and much more.

The resulting largely maintenance-free nature makes the use of GRP a good investment for your projects.